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What Our Customers are Saying

Mike was great and very responsive..He answered all the questions I needed to be answered.  I will be referring him.  Thank You!!

Kristina - Tonawanda

“I have purchased several homes but this was the first for my husband. That being said, my husband was apprehensive with a lot of questions. Mike was fantastic! He is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly thorough. Even better, his rates are more than reasonable. He spent quite some time on our new home and clearly on our inspection report. We HIGHLY recommend him!!!!!!”

Jill - Batavia

“Mike arrived promptly at our scheduled time for the inspection. The report was fantastic and very detail oriented. Very familiarized with electrical work and helped tremendously for getting repairs needed that many wouldn’t have caught due to sophisticated tools and experience.
I highly recommend InFocus Inspection to anyone needing a home inspection. Also took care of our radon testing as well.”

Eric - Lancaster

“Mike did a great job with two inspections for us. He is very thorough and does a good job of explaining potential major issues and what things need to be fixed “now” and what can wait a few months. We ended up walking away from one property due to some of the issues that we felt were beyond what we wanted to tackle in our purchase. We have since closed and moved into our current home and have had a couple of questions arise that Mike has gone above and beyond to answer for us. I would highly recommend him if you want a thorough, honest opinion of a property you are purchasing.”

Tom - North Buffalo

“Mike was very thorough and helpful in explaining everything as he was progressing thru the inspection. With Mike and the help of friends that have specific professions we were able to make a decision. There were too many major things that needed repair OR would need repair in the near future. We feel that having such a good inspection helped us from making a $169,000 mistake! We are continuing our search and we will definitely use Mike’s services in the future. Thanks, Mike!”

Joe - Hamburg

“I am a first time home buyer and had Mike come out and do my home inspection on a two family property. He was very professional, very knowledgeable, and did an extremely thorough inspection of the property. I was very satisfied with his inspection, the price and the report after the inspection; which was extremely detailed. He was very friendly and let me walk thru the property with him and answer questions I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.”

Kevin - East Amherst

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Some Defects We Have Found

Why we use a drone

As seen from a drone, this boot on a steep third story roof is torn and can leak water into the home. It is unlikely any other inspector would have caught this defect.

Hidden Behind a Wall!

This illegal splice was hidden behind a finished basement wall. The wire in the garage didn’t match the wire in the basement so we went searching for the change point. What was found is a very dangerous open splice and the wrong type of wire being used.

The Disappearing Gutter

This was not visible from the ground but upon walking the roof we found a gutter that was framed around. The gutter entered one side of the upper addition and exited the other. Inside the opening were several nests and pest dwellings.

Solid Aluminum Wiring

Opening the sub panel in this home we found solid aluminum wiring. Luckily we have a great thermal camera and were able to check all receptacles and switches for overheating and fire hazards. More safety info here: Solid Aluminum Wiring

Dangerous Gas Backdrafting

This brand new hot water tank was vented to a blocked chimney. We were quickly able to see the heat from the exhaust back-drafting and were able to verify this issue with a CO detector. This is a safety concern and luckily no one was living there yet.

Very Damp Crawlspace

Among the numerous moisture issues we found this Air Admittance Valve installed horizontally on a pipe. Also the wire laying on it was not supported properly. Getting dirty and crawling under a home is a vital part of the inspection. We carry a specialized crawlspace kit.